• “You’re my secret weapon.”

    most common feedback from clients

How we can help:
Thinking assistance

“This 15-minute call just saved me months of planning and agony.”

Having a challenging situation/period and not sure what to do?

We analyze your, your team’s or entire organization’s context and give you a fresh perspective… and concrete steps to make the change happen.

Virtual assistant team

“Wait, how the hell did you do 70 hours of data entry in one day?”

Have a number of tedious tasks that need to be done regularly, well and fast?

Hire an entire virtual team that you can rely on to cover the boring stuff, so that you can get back to the work where you’re really making a difference.

Public speaking prepping

I never imagined my ideas could sound this good!”

Getting ready for an important keynote, pitch or interview?

Get TED-level individual coaching and guidance through the entire process.

Custom solutions

“It’s me again. Look, we’ve got this weird project and we need you to…”

Need Mr. Wolf?

Your problem is a unique snowflake. We can make a custom flamethrower.

Our solutions are usually more elegant than this metaphor.