This website is under construction – we’ve never had to present ourselves before due to getting all our work through word-of-mouth (yes, we know, pretty ironic for an agency that helps others communicate their ideas and present themselves). Well we’ve got big plans for 2018. onwards, so it’s about time we took our own medicine. So, while we finish our redesign, here’s a small preview of things to come:


Our vision and mission ARE NOT to be the best consultancy agency. (Seriously, what’s with all the “We aim to be the trusted  partner in providing outstanding service to our clients.” nonsense? Obviously no one sets out to be just a decent agency.)

The point isn’t how good we’re going to get at our job – of course we’ll strive to do our best.

The point is where does all that work lead to? What will it give to the world?

We want everyone, whether a primary school student, teacher,  scientist, artist or Fortune 500 CEO, to have an affordable, effective way to develop their public speaking and communication skills.

We have a particular focus on youth and schools:

Every child and student, regardless of their circumstances, should have the opportunity to grow into a person who can confidently, effectively and authentically express themselves in every interaction. We want to provide each ot them with a solution.

We have a range of ideas and projects planned to make this possible: books, online courses, apps… but to make them all work so well, they need to be powered by the most advanced, comprehensive method for developing your communication.

All our work with clients, research and other projects gives us valuable pieces of this  puzzle. Each client whom we help communicate better is also teaching us how to teach, showing us the various particularities and challenges of improving one’s communication.

Our clients are also our allies, our network. They help us test our more experimental approaches, invest their resources in our work or connect us with others who can help.

With this in mind, while we are open to different business opportunities, we are more focused on work with clients who can also teach us in areas that are important to the development of our communication system:


THE BIGGER PICTURE – communication activism

The world is complex, and there are only 24 hours in a day to understand it. We are bombarded with messages of what is important: ecology, human rights, animal rights, lifelong learning…

It’s so difficult to figure out what is important, and how to properly get involved – as a concerned citizen, how much can you learn about a topic in just half an hour of web-scrolling per day, and also get involved, and be certain you’re making an impact?

We struggle to sort out through all the information because governments, organizations and causes are constantly facing challenges in communication: How to effectively inform, educate and inspire not just an enthusiastic person, but an entire community to change their thoughts, words and actions.

In other words, how can good communication, for example, help you get an entire city, where recycling is non-existent, to start recycling?

Once we learn enough about the world (yeah right…), we’ll focus on particular causes and help them scale their impact to new heights through transforming how they communicate their ideas to the world.

These are all longterm processes which we’ll work on over the coming years. Any help, ideas and advice are very much appreciated – contact us.