Our services grew out of the various questions and demands from our clients. There’s more but we’re not really sure how to call it yet (we’ve had a number of clients call us with stuff like the following, and we’re really not making this up: “I need you to do that thing you did for that friend of mine, but I need you to modify it a little bit. Actually a lot. Ok, in fact I need you for something totally new, but it kinda resembles the stuff you did before. Ok, no, it doesn’t, but I know you can do it.”). 

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PREPPING FOR A SPEECH – getting you or your team ready for a particular speech, keynote or pitch.

COMMUNICATION & PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS – individual or group training on each aspect of communication, from speech concept development to nonverbal communication and dealing with stagefright.

PREPPING ALL SPEAKERS FOR YOUR CONFERENCE – Scalable 1-on-1 speaker coaching for events.

THINKING ASSISTANCE – We analyse your, your team’s, department’s or entire organization’s challenging situation and give you a fresh perspective.

IDEA TRANSLATION – finding new ways to communicate your complex ideas and achieve the desired effect. We’re currently devising a way to communicate this service. Irony abounds.

Have a situation that’s not listed? Tell us what you need and we’ll tap into our pool of experts to see if we can help you!