We’ve had a number of clients call us with stuff like the following (and we’re really not making this up):

“I need you to do that thing you did for that friend of mine, but I need you to modify it a little bit. Actually a lot. Ok, in fact I need you for something totally new, but it kinda resembles the stuff you did before. Ok, no, it doesn’t, but I know you can do it.”

The reason we get calls like these is because once our clients get to know our approach (and especially after they’ve used our thinking assistance service), they can imagine how they could use our skills in other areas.

One example was creating a team of trainers and complete curriculum for internal knowledge transfer, as part of a regional media company’s digital transformation initiative. The resulting Digital Curriculum, after being successfully tested in Belgrade, was adapted for regional offices according to their needs, and is now also a standard part of the company’s onboarding process. We are currently training the next generation of trainers and expanding the curriculum to cover new areas, helping our client transform into a full service agency.

Another example was helping the Center for the Promotion of Science, a government instituion, in drafting the 3-year Programme of Promotion of Science that was approved by the Serbian Government. Instead of the usual process which only slightly involves other stakeholders through public forums, we’ve created a unique solution that involved interviewing each stakeholder individually in-depth, later synthesizing the findings through public debate and expert groups  (our process was documented here in Serbian).

We’re also very good at finding people who can help you, if it turns out we’re not the right fit.

Contact us with your particular challenge and let’s see if we can help out.