How good will your speakers be? Don’t wait to find out on conference day!

So much could go wrong:

Will the speakers send in their presentations on time (No they won’t)? What if they’re text heavy? What if their speech is boring? A rehash of a presentation they did a year ago? Or they’re suffering from stage fright? Will they, simply put, give a good talk?

Turn this variable into a certainty: Get TED level individual prepping for each speaker at your conference.

So far we have worked with more than 300 speakers individually in over 20 events, in one case prepping 50 speakers individually in just one month (while we’re really proud of that feat, we hope we won’t be repeating it any time soon. Our designer is still recovering.)! Our clients include:


Prepped over 120 speakers individually for the past four editions of British Council’s New Technologies in Education conference.


Worked with over 100 speakers individually in a dozen TEDx events since 2010.



We’ve also prepped several dozen individuals and teams
for various local and regional events.


Over the past seven years we’ve developed a system that can guide several or all speakers at your event through the entire speech preparation process (think of our Prepping for a speech individual training service, but scaled and streamlined):

First we get your initial input: Everything from the bigger picture (What you want to achieve with your conference) down to all the technical details (time limit, presentation aspect ratio and other requirements). We can also help you work this out in depth.

Then we get each speaker into an individual process:

Concept development – What they want to share and why, likely challenges in communicating their idea…

Structure outline – Developing the speech structure: the key points, examples to be used, the intro, conclusion etc.

Delivery practice – Working on voice, posture, nonverbal communication, overcoming stage-fright.

Presentation (slide deck) design – Our designer can freshen up each presentation or build them visually from the ground up.

You can monitor the progress of each speaker, see all the materials (concept, outline), watch clips of their practice and react wherever necessary.

Contact us for a timeframe and cost estimate based on how many speakers you want us to work with!