You have a keynote, business pitch, panel or some other important speech coming up fast, and you need to be awesome. But maybe you’re facing some of these challenges:

  • You have a speech you’ve used a lot of times and want to “freshen it” up.
  • Just thinking about standing on the stage gets your knees shaking.
  • You have no idea how to get your 2 hour lecture down to 15 minutes.
  • Simply not sure where to start with the prepping process.
  • Your presentation is ready but you’d like an expert’s feedback and suggestions for improvement.


We can help in all those cases, including guiding you through the entire preparation process:

Defining the concept:  What’s the purpose of your speech, your audience’s expectations and prejudices, the key points that must be said.

Developing the structureBuilding the outline and flow of your talk, finding the best words and ways to illustrate key and complex ideas.

Practicing the deliveryWorking on your posture, voice, nonverbal communication, getting mentally ready for the talk, overcoming stagefright.

Slide deck design: Fleshing out the concept of the deck, having our designer prepare it with you.

While the optimal time for the entire process is 3-4 weeks (4-6 sessions), it can be done in as little as two days if need be.


We’ve done this with over 400 hundred  speakers individually:


CEOs, TED & TEDx speakers, startup founders, world experts, teachers, students, such as:

  • Moran Cerf, a hacker-turned-neuroscientist, to help him find the main focus in his TED talk.
  • Vladimir Kopric, founder of Coprix media with the most advanced interactive ABC book in the world, to successfully explain how advanced it actually is and secure an investment.

other notable clients:

  • Ryan Holiday, award-winning author, media strategist
  • Jason HarrisCEO Mekanism  
  • Dragan Tomic, Director Microsoft Development Center Serbia
  • Dave BirssFounder & Editor – Open for Ideas
  • Branimir Brkljač, founder of Studio Moderna & MokrinHouse 
  • Hallie Harris, Managing Director Epic Signal


Public speaking & communication training.


Maybe your upcoming work will consist of a lot more communication, whether in team meetings, pitching to investors or giving keynotes in conferences.

Or, you want to get your team ready for external presentations or simply to communicate ideas better between themselves.

We design and conduct individual and group training, covering any and all aspects of communication and public speaking, based on your needs.

While each individual’s and group’s needs and speed of learning are different, you can expect significant, long-term improvement in 6-8 sessions for individuals (60-90 min per session) or 3-4 sessions for groups (3-4h per session)

Individual training can be done fully remotely, while group training depends on your needs.

Contact us for more details and a free demonstration of our method.