We’ve been approached by too many people with the question: “We need your help to think about something“, so we grouped these requests under thinking assistance.


Individual consulting

We’ve helped dozens of clients overcome their challenges, including:

  • A regional director to decide how to best spend the first year of his retirement,
  • An idle, stuck-in-a-rut millionaire to regain his purpose and focus,
  • A rural-hub founder and mother to keep her balance while developing her organization.


Problem solving for companies and organizations.

We analyse the situation through in-depth interviews with all the people involved, and then we draft solutions based on what you want to happen.

Some challenges we were presented with:

    • Something’s not right in my startup’s sales department. I need you to figure out if I’m communicating our values to them properly, and I want you to find out how our clients perceive us. Then I want you to draft a guide for us how to transform our internal and external communication.”
    • We need to implement changes across the entire agency, but some of the departments have lost trust in management. Please find out what are the main causes of their distrust and help us figure out a way to motivate them for change.”
    • I want to drastically reduce my involvement in managing my company, but I’m not sure that the team will be able to handle my absence. I need you to analyse their current circumstances and give me an estimate how they will deal with my leaving, as well as how we can make this process easier.


Contact us with your particular challenge and we can demonstrate our thinking approach in a free call.