Having a virtual assistant is great, but it comes with its challenges:

  • There’s always more work than one person can handle, especially when there’s a tight deadline or a sudden, urgent project.
  • As the job gets more complex, the assistant might struggle keeping up, as he or she has to learn on their own, while multitasking and trying to be on top of all the work.
  • Chances of mistakes increase when you’re bogged down in a repetitive task.

So what do you do when you want to outsource a big amount of (regular) work that requires a focused, meticulous approach, but also needs to get done fast?

Why not hire an entire team of virtual assistants? Imagine what five, ten or more coordinated people can do in a day.

Here’s the process:

01) You tell us your need – it might be researching 3000 leads or analyzing 95000 comments in your social media campaign by Monday, with specific instructions on what to do, avoid etc.

02) We do a quick demo – we send you a few hours of work that help us make a realistic estimate of the number of hours and project fee. We also demonstrate our work method and come up with innovations to your approach.

03) Team assembled – We create a team based on your particular needs. It can cover anything from data entry & analysis to design, ghostwriting, coding etc.

04) Project underway – As we work, the project lead sends you regular reports on our progress, with questions, observations and suggestions.

05) Project complete – You get a report with all the findings, amount of hours and ideas on how to improve this type of project in the future.

Contact us and tell us how we might help!